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Documentation of the Components

Tab Compiler Settings

General options can be set for parsing the source code on this page, just like for a compiler. The compiler settings can also be loaded from a Delphi .cfg/.conf file and there is also an option to specify that these files should also be automatically loaded for every parser Delphi project.

Check List Box Compiler Option

All compiler options can be set here. By default this should be sensible values. These values will be set by default and if Auto-Parse is checked overridden by all set options in the .cfg/.conf-file of the parsed project (if available). After that the options on the third tab are applied if they are not set to be gray.
These options are used only for conditional compiling, by using $IFOPT in comments within the source code. Only the state of $X will change the actual parsing, it will be queried to decide whether the automatic variable "Result" for the return value of functions has to be defined.

Group Box Defined Compiler Symbols

With this group of components the compiler symbols can be specified to be defined when starting to parse a source code file. These symbols can be used with $IFDEF and $IFNDEF or with DEFINED() after $IF in comments for conditional compiling of parts of the source code.

Delphi Compiler Version

In this group box the version of the compiler/Delphi/Kylix can be set. The compiler symbol for the version of the compiler and several other version specific compiler symbols are added or removed for conditional compiling in the edit field beneath it.

Console Application

The compiler symbol for console applications can be defined with this check box.

Kylix's shared objects

The compiler symbol for when position independent code (PIC) is being compiled with Kylix for shared objects.

.NET specific defines

Three .NET specific compiler symbols can be defined with with this check box. I don't know exactly what these mean, and so always all three are defined, but they are of course only available in Delphi for .NET:
CLR: compiling for the Common Language Runtime (Microsoft .NET platform)
CIL: Common Intermediate Language (CIL) code being generated
MANAGEDCODE: .NET managed code being generated

Kylix Open Edition

The correct compiler symbol for the Kylix Open Edition can be defined with this check box. All with Kylix Open Edition created programs have to be released under the GPL, the GNU General Public License.

Predefined Compiler Symbols

The list of predefined compiler symbols for conditional compiling can be set with this edit field. The components above it can also be used to change this edit field. It contains a simple comma separated list of the names of the symbols.

Parsing .cfg/.conf-file of Projects

With this check box it can be set whether the .cfg/.conf-file of projects should be parsed. This is generally recommended.

Unit Aliases

Aliases of unit names within the "uses"-clauses, can be used to ease portability between different versions of Delphi (and Kylix) and different versions of libraries. They are defined exactly like in Delphi, each entry consists of the alias and separated by an equal sign the real unit name to use. The entries are separated by semicolons.
Unaliasing only works twice, just like in Delphi, so recursively defining an alias on itself won't crash the program. But this can also be used to exchange two units by aliasing them on each other with an intermediary alias in between each of them. Of course this is just theoretical and not tested, neither in Delphi nor in this program.

Load from .cfg/.conf

Load the config values from a project config file (.cfg/.conf) maintained by Delphi. Useful if files are used in a project that are not directly included in the project.


Closes the window and saves all compiler settings.

No specific Help

Please see one of the contained components for a more specific help.