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Documentation of the Components

Edit all Options By Category

Show all options of the generator and all helper objects sorted by their category.

Edit Path of Documentation

This edit field gives the path where the documentation should be generated to. The directory should be empty, because a lot of files are generated and all files with the same name are simply overwritten without any warning. If the directory doesn't exist it is created automatically.

Browse Directory of Documentation

Shows a dialog to select the directory where the documentation should be generated to.

File Name of Documentation

If the generator supports it, the name of the finally generated file can be entered here. The appropriate file extension will be added automatically. If the generator doesn't support it, the edit field will be gray.

Javadoc compatibility

With this checkbox the special characters to be used inside comments can be changed to be compatible with Javadoc. DelphiDoc uses by default the tilde "~" and brackets, "[" and "]", to create sections and use inline commands to format text. When compatibility is enabled they are changed in the options to the at-sign "@" and normal braces, "(" and ")". When it is disabled it is changed back to the defaults of the program. If the check box is grayed, the options' values are incompatible with both, Javadoc and this program's defaults.

Name of the Project

The name or title of the project for which the documentation is generated. Will be inserted in the documentation.

Page to generate the Documentation

On this page the documentaiton can finally be generated.

Generate Documentation

Generates the documentation with the selected generator about the current parsed data.

Generate Only User Documentation

Generates documentation only with the user documentation selected on the page User Documentation. The parsed data will not be documented. Of course the generator has to support texts to be included in the documentation to support user documentation.

No specific Help

Please see one of the contained components for a more specific help.